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It's not just lighting anymore

Street lighting exists worldwide from the smallest of villages to the largest of cities. All it needs is electrical energy to function and is privileged to stand in prime locations everywhere in the world. However, it is normally only utilized during the night-time hours. Streetopia makes use of any global street lighting infrastructure and takes advantage of its privileged location by adding useful services yet reducing costs.

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What we offer

Streetopia offers a consultancy service for Smart and Safe City applications, Industrial Security, National Security (to protect government assets) and a complete portfolio of communication technologies designed specifically to transform street or industrial lights into an intelligent neural communications infrastructure, capable of opening up new possibilities for security solutions at the same time as reducing energy consumption.


Provide our clients with the finest, lighting, communications, security solutions and related products available in today’s worldwide marketplace. Through our extensive consortium of partners, providing high quality products and services, we ensure that our clients’ operations run with minimal effort but optimum results. We also endeavor to provide the very best in quality, which means we invest heavily in the selection, support, supervision and personal development of our partners.

  • Oberer Graben 26, CH-9000 St. Gallen

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